Meet-Up News: August Meet-Up and Photography Workshop

It’s that time again! We’re gearing up for our next meet-up and it is going to be a blast. Our goal has been to not just connect bloggers with other bloggers in the Portland area, but also to provide blogging resources, education, and connections. This meet-up is going to fit all of those goals and be fun to boot.

When: Sunday, August 26 from 1PM to 4 PM

Where: Belmont Library community room, 1038 SE Cesar E Chavez Boulevard  Portland, OR 97214

Who: The event is open to the public… although, it will be most beneficial to bloggers and those who want to be bloggers. Space is limited so buy your ticket now!

What: A photography workshop with guest photographers speaking about blog photography tips, Q&A, and photography practice.

Cost: This time around we are charging $5 per person* to cover our costs. There will be light snacks and beverages at the event! Thirty tickets are available.

* This is a not-for-profit event. The $5 charge is to cover the host’s costs for food and beverages as well as provide a guest count. If you would like to volunteer to bring an item, help with setting up/decorating, or be a guest speaker, then the $5 fee can be waived. So if you cannot afford the $5 fee, but want to attend, then please contact us!

ADDED: Unfortunately, there will be no refunds. If you find that you cannot attend the event, but have already bought your ticket then we will see if we can sell your ticket to someone else -OR- apply your balance to the next meet-up. Thank you for understanding!

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14 thoughts on “Meet-Up News: August Meet-Up and Photography Workshop

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  10. Wish I could join in. Miss you ladies, and I know my photography skills could use the help… I’ll be walking from Portland to Seaside this weekend and likely won’t be walking again for a few days after. Have fun!

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