Challenge: Meet & Greet

One of the many goals of the Portland Bloggers’ group is to create connections and build a strong blogging community here in Portland. We work on that goal through meet-ups and by creating an online community (this site).

Occasionally on this site we will issue some fun challenges for the Portland Bloggers to do and tell us about. The “prize” for the challenge will be a post here on the site featuring the winning* person’s blog.

*But, really, in these challenges, anyone who participates really wins!

Okay, on with the challenge…

We now have 23 (and still growing) bloggers on the Master Blogger List.

I’m challenging each of you to go to the list, find one person’s blog that you haven’t read yet, and go read up! Please leave them a comment* and then head back here and let us know who you met. The challenge “winner” will be chosen at random from the comments section. You can enter as many times as your meet and greet the Portland area bloggers from the Master Blogger list.

*You can comment whatever you wish… but, as all bloggers know, it is always nice to receive a thoughtful comment that shows a piece has been read and enjoyed.

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