Blog Design: Evolution of the Portland Bloggers Banner Design

In designing this site Suzannah and I sat down and talked a lot about what we wanted it to look like. We wanted it to be clean, fun, and have bright colors. We wanted to edge away from anything too “girly” and give a sense of Portland to the site.

We talked about some sites that we really liked the look of:
A Beautiful Mess for its clean layout, large photos, and great color scheme.
The English Department for its static front page that isn’t too busy.
Moorea Seal for its great use of a color scheme (hello ombre) and overall awesome Pacific Northwest feel.

I went through a lot of header ideas:

A take on a plain text header using a color scheme we really liked. I wasn’t thrilled by it, but I did like its simplicity.

My first take at using a photo of Portland in the header. I really liked the green and the photo. But, unless you were really familiar with the area you probably wouldn’t have known it was our city.

My second shot at using a photo as the basis of the image. The bridge is an icon here in Bridgetown. I loved this header, but found that the shape would not work well for most of the themes we liked. So, I made this one into a button for the site!

I really loved the idea of having the entire cityscape in the header. But, this one wasn’t “IT” either.

And, finally… the banner that fits on the top of the site today:

I love the color scheme of this banner. I love that while Portland is in the background, (hard to see in the banner, but more visible in the button) the focus is on the person typing away at a computer.

The rest of the site uses the same color scheme throughout. It also has clearly labeled buttons, a lot of white space, and HUGE photos. So far it is just what I was hoping for in the Portland Bloggers website. Of course, I get bored easy…so, changes to the site are always on the table.

Thank you for stopping by! Stop back in tomorrow to see the original photos (donated by a Portland blogger) that were used in the creation of the above banners.

Reader Question:
What things were important to you in designing your blog? What is your biggest challenge with your blog design?

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