Poll: How do you follow?

Blogs are a fabulous source of information, especially when they are updated often with great, original content. That is what we hope for this blog. We want it to be a great source of information for ALL bloggers, as well as a community for Portland-area bloggers. In order to make sure we are reaching everyone in the best way, we would like to know how you choose to follow the blogs you read. Please take a moment to answer this poll. After we get a good amount of answers we will post a tutorial on how to add all of the most wanted following tools to your blog. Thank you! (You can check up to three options!)

This entry was posted by Jenni.

4 thoughts on “Poll: How do you follow?

  1. I’m old fashioned and have a bookmarks folder dedicated to bloggers and sectioned out in sub folders like “local bloggers” or “bloggers I have a relationship with” (like we’ve exchanged comments), etc.

    • What a good way to organize them! I love that you have a separate folder for those you have a relationship with– great way to continue to build upon blogging relationships!

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