Meet-Up Review: April Cocktail Party

Today’s post is a recap of one of our fanciest events, the April meet-up: Cocktail party!

(Photos from Adventures in Dressmaking…)

I had SUCH a great time at the April Portland Bloggers meet-up! The event was put on by Jenni of A Well-Crafted Party and Leave the Laundry for Later, with help from Sam of Sam Rosen.  The party was held in the community room of the posh Atwater Place in Portland’s South Waterfront district–thanks to the lovely Adi of Garden of Edlen for the space!

The theme was “cocktail party,” and of course we bloggers know how to throw a great bash. 😉 There were signature drinks, champagne flutes, swag bags, and some really great raffle prizes. We chatted with each other and met lots of new faces for a while, then went around the room and introduced ourselves and our blogs as usual. Was great to see all the bloggers, some new to me, others familiar, and I only barely got a chance to say a personal hello to everyone!

Here are some pics I was able to take in all the hullabaloo…

Sam, Justine, and Megan
Olga and Susanna
Me and Adi
It was a more formal party, not a daytime blog chat like the other events, so non-blogger significant others were invited, too. My sweet husband came along and not only was a good sport but had a great time, himself!

And who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? I wore a peplum skirted dress I made

I always feel really excited and positive when I get to talk to other bloggers, and it was so fun to do it in a fancy cocktail party setting–although I love the brunches, too!

Hope to see you at the next event!

Added: Get all your information for future Meet-Ups by heading over to our Events page. Put the meet-up dates in your calendars today!

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