Sneak Peek: August Meet-Up

I’m so ridiculously excited about this next meet-up. If you haven’t read about it then you need to check out all the good information, and keep following along here for some exciting news that we will trickle out as the event approaches. Below is a sneak peek into some of the fun that we’ll be having. Remember, this next event is a Photography Workshop for any bloggers (or want to be bloggers) that will be in the Portland area on Sunday, August 26. We are selling tickets for $5 to cover our costs and to keep a guest count. There is limited space at our venue… so, get in soon!

Portland Bloggers August Meet-up sneak peek

First Row: Sarah will be at the meet-up, Learn how to get out of auto-mode , Win an ecourse from A Beautiful Mess Second Row: Smart Phone photography by MotorMouth (photo from jennibost), Natalie is going to be at the meet-up, Third Row: Win an ecourse from Nicole’s Classes,  Ms. Magpie will be there too!, Kara’s still life camera

*Remember…this is just a sneak peek. Lots more fun to come!*

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