Review Preview Week 2


We are still on a roll. While we might not ALWAYS post every day of the week… we sure do have a lot to share with you right now. Here is what we did this week:

  • On Meet-Up Monday we reviewed the April Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up. It is always fun to dress up and have a nice evening out. But, pair all that with blog chat and you’ve got my kind of  shin-dig.
  • Tips Tuesday was introduced this week and we started it all off by talking about how to connect to other bloggers.
  • Macey introduced herself as one of the Portland Bloggers’ Website writers. She is also speaking at the upcoming August Meet-Up.
  • Speaking of the August Meet-Up… a little sneak peek to whet the appetite. Did I mention that there will be some amazing giveaway items!?
  • And, Feature Friday introduced us to the awesome handmade, local business Meme & Saysay.

Don’t forget to fill out the  poll about how you follow the blogs that you read. The poll will eventually be used in a tutorial on how to gain readership for your blog. Please give us your opinion!

AND, remember to sign up to join us at the next Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up! Don’t miss out on this AWESOME photography workshop and networking event on Sunday, August 26!


We’ve got another full week prepared for next week. Follow along or check back in for all the following fun. We will:

  • We’ll be reviewing the February Meet-Up.
  • We’re keeping on with tips and features for the week.
  • And, you’ll be happy to hear about one of the AMAZING giveaway prizes available for one lucky attendee of the Portland Bloggers’ August Meet-Up!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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