Meet-Up Review: November 2011

** The following post was originally posted at A Well Crafted Party.
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Blogging is a sort of community.
As you read people’s blogs you get a sense of knowing them. As you comment on their blog you reach out and start a dialogue that can lead to a form of friendship. It is a new sort of friendship… but, it usually stays on the web. I’ve always been intrigued by people who have created real-life friendships with their blogging friends. And, as I am sort of awkward and shy (yes, a shy girl who throws parties) I’ve never really ventured out into the real-world with my blogging friends.
(Honestly, I sort of felt like someone might think I was a stalker if I asked!)
But, this weekend I had the opportunity to meet some of the people whom I’ve been following and commenting with in the blogosphere. I also got to discover some pretty amazing ladies who have fun blogs that I now get to explore.
This last weekend I attended a Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up
(there has got to be a better name for this)
and, since there were about 20+ bloggers, there were a LOT of cameras getting shots of our meeting.
Craft supplies and nail polish so everyone could work on projects if they wanted
Those pictured above (that I know… if you are pictured please let me know and I’ll link you!)
Lauren from The Little Things We Do, Nicole from Running in Heels, Sara from Glitter and Grace
A group of ladies crafting at one of the craft stations. How cute is Lauren pregnant!?
Those pictured above (that I know… if you are pictured please let me know and I’ll link you!)
Danika from Good Heart, Nicole from Nicole Marie Who!? with Ilana?, Alisa of Berezki Concrete Jewelry
Everyone talked so much that very little crafting got done… it was wonderful to see everyone getting along so well and so easily.
From Left: Denise from All Things New, Danica from Good Heart, Domnika from Domnika’s Nest and Olga from Vintage Pretty

Aren’t these ladies ADORABLE?

Everyone dressed so cute for the event that I had to get some photos of their great outfits.

And, then I had to get photos with them!
I had a really great time because this is one of my favorite type of parties. Sometimes a nice relaxed party is just what the doctor ordered. But, of course with a few well-crafted details!

Are you a blogger? What do you think of meeting other bloggers?

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