Tuesday Tips – Design For Your Blog

Hello there, Macey from Motormouth Studios here again! Today I’m here to share with you a few tips for designing your blog.  While I do not profess to have all the answers, and design (like most creative projects) are left to individual taste and execution, I have picked up a few notions while working with clients and on my own blog.

Here are my top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind While You Are Designing Your Blog!

Clean, Consistent and Well Organized

What are your favorite blogs and why?  How are they organized?  Pay attention to what is pleasing to your eye and emulate it.  Also notice anything that doesn’t look quite right to you and steer away from it.  Pay close attention to color, font and layout.  If you scroll clear to the bottom of most blogs there will be a link to the theme or design that blog is using (unless it’s a custom one) and you can start from there!  If you love a blog and aren’t sure who designed it, send the author an email, more than likely they will jump at the chance to get you in contact with their designer.

Show Us Your Personality!

If you are a fun, flirty, creative then have a fun, flirty, creative blog!  If you are a “by the rules” professional, then use strong, bold and classic fonts and color.  First time visitors will make a decision within the first 90 seconds of visiting your blog whether or not they will return (or better yet, follow!) and this is in large part due to the “personality” they encounter.  Be true to you.  Use your favorite colors, favorite words and phrases and favorite pictures.  Everything you post and design should be a direct reflection of yourself.

Get Feedback From At Least 5 Contacts/Friends Before Going Live

There’s nothing worse than pushing the publish button and then realizing that you forgot to include a “Contact Me” page, or links to you portfolio, or worse yet, misspelled them!  Have a few trusted friends look over it with a fine-tooth comb and let you know if you forgot anything or if something just doesn’t belong.  It’s better to have 5 people catch your mistake and let you know than 50 emails waiting for you in the morning.

Utilize Free Web Resources

Download a free 30 day trial from Adobe for Illustrator or Photoshop (or both!) and get designing!  If you’re running out of space on your blog to host pictures, start a Photobucket account and host all photos there.  If you are looking for resources to create, host or edit just send the Google gods a little note, and chances are there’s a free resource out there just waiting to help.

Watch Those Dimensions!

For me there is nothing worse than visiting a blog and having to scroll left to right in order to see the full pictures, or read all the text.  The best rule of thumb here is to design your blog around the smallest monitors,  so don’t go any wider than 1050 pixels.  It may look a little small on large and wide screens, but if you watch your stats, I would bet most of your viewers are on smaller screens or mobile devices.  I would design for the masses and keep your viewers overall happy.

So there you go, my top tips to keep in mind while designing.  What tips have you learned along the way?  Please share in the comments below!

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