Meet-Up News: Dijana’s Designs as Giveaway Sponsor

I’m always amazed at the awesome talent that resides here in Portland. And the amazing generosity! Dijana, from Dijana’s Designs, contacted us here at Portland Bloggers’ Website saying she’d love to get involved in the Portland Blogging community. While I’m sure you’ll see her here on the blog in the future as a guest poster she has also sent us some of her awesome jewelry to use as a Giveaway Prize for the August Meet-Up!

Photo from the Dijana Designs Facebook Page (used with permission)

Dijana’s Designs are handmade here in Portland, Oregon and can be found in several boutiques in the area, as well as the Etsy Shop Best in Style. The jewelry has been featured with Pinkweave clothing on the runways in New York! It has also graced celebrity swag bags.

The jewelry is certainly unique and fashionable. I’m seriously drooling over the images from the Fall Lookbook. Can I have one of each please? Especially the far right necklace pictured below! (hint to the hubby!)

Photos form the Dijana Designs Fall 2012 Look Book– photos by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

I’ve seen the beautiful Giveaway item and can’t wait to how the unique, and stylish jewelry looks on the lucky winner! But, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it then head on over to the Best in Style Etsy shop and get shopping! Want to keep up to date with Dijana’s new items then follow along on her blog and Facebook page!


Jewelry: Dijana’s Designs

Photography by Jennifer Fujikawa

Model: Laurie McClure

Makeup/Hair: Kelli Schlenker

Wardrobe: Melissa Rene Price

Full Disclosure: Items were given to the Portland Bloggers for a giveaway at the August event as well as for the speakers. The opinions poster here are representative of this author. I do LOVE me some good jewelry! 😉

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