Meet-up News: Becky from “Studio 623 Photography” as guest speaker

This week is dedicated to getting you all PUMPED about Sunday’s Meet-Up and Photography Workshop. Don’t know what I’m talking about? CLICK HERE. If you are in the know… then keep reading!


A lot of bloggers feature photography and a lot of photographers have blogs. The two just go hand in hand. You can really tell a pro from the pack though, which is why I am thrilled to announce that we have a true PRO coming to speak with the Portland Bloggers about photography at Sunday’s workshop. Becky, from Studio 623 Photography, is leading the “Getting Out of Auto” course at the workshop. She’ll be giving bloggers hints and tips on how to get great photos in manual mode!

Becky from Studio 623 photography

Photo taken by Levi Moroshan Photography


Becky’s whole approach to photogaphy really speaks to me and excited about learning from what she has to say. From Becky’s website: ” My goal is to let memories happen, so I can capture them on film. I want the session to literally be, a walk in the park that I am simply observing. Or if it’s indoors, with family, maybe some gathering from out of town, I want you to look back at the photos and remember that taking them was a good time. I like to see people’s emotions come out in photos…”

Come to Sunday’s Photography Workshop for hints and tips on getting out of Auto and into manual mode from Becky! Can’t make it? Follow along here at the blog for a review of her discussion!

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