Meet-Up News: Kara from “I Just Might Explode” as Guest Speaker

As I said before this week is dedicated to getting you all PUMPED about Sunday’s Meet-Up and Photography Workshop. Don’t know what I’m talking about? CLICK HERE. If you are in the know… then keep reading!

A screen shot of Kara’s website: I Just Might Explode

I’m super excited about the guest speakers for Sunday’s Photography Workshop. We have three wonderful ladies that are sharing a ton of their photography knowledge for the Portland Bloggers’ benefit. I’ve been reading Kara’s blog, “I Just Might Explode” for a while now and only recently realized that she lived in the area. There might have been a jumping up and down kind of dance done in front of my computer that day.

From Kara’s Blog: ” I’m 20 years old. I call myself a blogger, designerphotographer, online shop owner, online art journaling/scrapbooking/photography teacher, etc…  I’m a contributing writer for A Beautiful Mess, an intern at Passionfruit Ads, and online assistant for Indie & Chic. I also pretend to be charming at a retail job a few days a week. Please send me coffee.”

Among her MANY job titles she also has online teacher listed. She owns “Classes Kara Made” and sells Ecourses for art journaling, writing, photography and such fun things.

Kara is going to be sharing her photography hints and tips for photographing still-lifes. If you’ve ever struggled getting a blog worthy photo of your beautiful home or a project you’ve made then you MUST be at the August event! 😉 Can’t make it? Check out Kara’s site for tutorials, tips, and classes. Also, check back here over the next few weeks to read a post on Kara’s workshop event.

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