Meet-up News: Macey of Motormouth Studio as Guest Speaker

This week is dedicated to getting you all PUMPED about Sunday’s Meet-Up and Photography Workshop. (Only a couple spaces left!) Don’t know what I’m talking about? CLICK HERE. If you are in the know… then keep reading!

Screen shot of Motormouth Studio’s Website

Okay, so… we might have talked about Macey on here once or twice. 😉 She was source of all of the photos that we posted of our June Meet-Up. She is also one of our regular writers here on the Portland Bloggers’ Blog.  Let me tell you a little bit MORE about this awesome lady…

Macey has a great philosophy (in my opinion) to being a professional photographer. From her site:

“We all have insecurities and fear having those insecurities magnified on camera, BUT did you know that with the right angle, lighting and photographer’s eye that insecurities can be diminished, and even disappear?  It’s extremely important to me that each and every client feels comfortable and beautiful in front of my lens, and that the finished image is one that captures true spirit.
I have created an incredibly liberal approach for my clients by offering digital negatives in all my session packages. Your session will include a link delivered straight to your email box allowing you to download, print and enlarge the photos from your session at your convenience.”

Besides doing photo sessions, Macey also sells her designs, photographs, and iPhone photos on Etsy. What!?! Sell her iPhone photos? Yep, they are that good. Don’t believe me? Check out her Etsy shop. 😉

We thought she’d be there perfect person to help us out by sharing tips on smart phone photography at tomorrow’s workshop. She will give tips, hints, and tricks as to how to make blog worthy photos using just your smart phone.

I can’t think of a better topic for SO many bloggers out there. Sometimes you just have your phone, am I right?

Motormouth Studio is also a sponsor of the Portland Bloggers’ Photography Workshop and August Meet-Up. She is donating one free photo session to a lucky giveaway winner.

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