August Meet-Up: Bloggers Review

I had a fabulous time at the August Meet-up/ Photography Workshop. I learned a lot and really enjoyed seeing all my blogger friends. But, as I am one of the organizers for these events… well, I am slightly biased. So, here are some posts from the attendees of the event:

Photo Collage by The Boho Mama

Portland Bloggers Meet-Up by The Boho Mama

Photography Workshop Recap by Adventures in Dressmaking

Portland Blogger Meet-Up: August by Sam Rosen

Portland Bloggers Meet-Up by Motormouth Studio

Laziest of Weekends by Back-handsprings Through Bridgetown

Portland Bloggers by Living Portland Blog

Portland Bloggers’ August Meet-Up Party Details by A Well Crafted Party

Another Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up by It’s the Simple Moments that Stick

Another {Fabulous} Portland Bloggers Meet-Up by All Things New

Oh, and all the lovely Instagram photos!

**Still posting about the event? Let me know when your post is up and I’ll add yours to the list!**

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