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The cool thing about all of the meet-ups that we advertise and go to is the opportunity to network with other bloggers. It is a blast meeting so many people who are interested in the same thing…. even when each blog is as different as the blogger that owns it.

One of the items we suggest to ALL bloggers is to bring business cards to networking events. Heck, I keep my cards on me all the time just in case my blog comes up in conversation and the person I am talking to wants to remember the URL to look back on later.

Part of the point of this website is to bring together all bloggers in the area and give them the opportunity to network, learn, and grow. So, I created a “Portland Bloggers” side to my personal card and loved how it turned out. I wanted to share the design (and a few others) with you just in case you’d like it on the backs of your cards as well. I think the lovely Portland image really sets the cards apart. And, I think the small text doesn’t detract from what my cards are really about, ME.

If you’d like to add the Portland Bloggers image to your cards all you have to do is download the JPG , upload it onto any printing service you use, and upload your personal card info on the other side. BAM, done. And, you have spiffy new cards that not only tell the world about you, but let them know you are part of the awesomeness that is the Portland Bloggers. 😉

These FREE designs are for personal use/ blog use only. Please do not sell them. They will make fun magnets/stickers/buttons as well if you’d rather advertise your affiliation in that way! There are a variety of colors… some will show up and coordinate with your cards better than others. A test print is suggested.

PS. There is one in there just for all the How I Met Your Mother Fans. 🙂

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Business Card Files via Dropbox Choose the one you’d like!

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