Guest Post: It’s a Blog Eat Blog World

Hi all! My name is Laura and I write a humor/ lifestyle blog, Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown. Well, I like to think it is humorous… it might not be. My mom thinks I am funny and that is all that matters.

I was born and raised here in Portland, but it has been fun to discover an entirely different PDX as an adult. My childhood version of this city is such a different one than I am experiencing now, but equally wonderful!

Back-Handsprings through Bridgetown

Laura actually doing a back-handspring!

I just wanted to send some encouragement to the other “new bloggers” out there. I have had my blog for about a year and have around 50 followers. I am aware that I am not doing a lot to increase readership, but I love writing and have enjoyed joining the community that has come with the blog world.

At first I was incredibly intimidated by other blogs and bloggers. I felt like there was always a motive. Very “dog eat dog” or should I say “blog eat blog” ha! I would be embarrassed when a big-time blogger (this term is relative) commented on one of my posts. I would talk myself down by thanking them and calling my blog silly simultaneously. I should have simply been gracious and excited.

So, from the mistakes and triumphs from this past year, I have four pieces of advice. I know I am not an authority, but I am like you! And this is what I have learned:

1.) Focus on your content.
If you have great content, the readers will come. It might be a slower process than you would like, but they will show up eventually! Don’t post crap just to have something everyday. Take the time. I will admit that I do not always follow this “rule.” I am constantly posting total crap. This is partly because consumer garbage is my brain food.

2.) Know why you blog.
Why do you blog? I hope your answer is because you enjoy it. You aren’t blogging for the number of followers you have or for pageviews. It is for YOU! That is why you started isn’t it? Post solid content that makes you happy. Everyone else can bug off.

3.) Be yourself.
It is so easy to get trapped in the idea of what the professional bloggers do and how you can be like them. Don’t worry about other people. Readers can tell if you are trying to be someone else. As Sammi Sweetheart would say, “Just do you (Ron).” Emulating someone else will likely make your blog look like a copy-cat or imposter and people will not be able to identify with you. They will spend their time trying to find your voice, only to be disappointed in the end. I have been shocked by the responses to some of my posts. The faster I conceptualize a post, the better the response. When I pour over a post wondering how people will like it, it is usually a flop.

4.) Join a blogging community.

Oh wait! You already did. That is why you are reading this. The level of encouragement from other bloggers in a little blogging community can be a game changer. It might even take you from “I think I’m gonna quit… I have like 2 readers.” To “I got a comment!! Look out Matt Lauer; here I come on my book tour!”


That is all I have to share for today. I just hope you can all be encouraged to embrace the blog world and be yourselves!

You are a star!
*Jazz Hands*


This was a guest post from one of our awesome Portland Bloggers!

If you would like to be one of guest bloggers please drop us a line!  Thanks.

And, Thank You Laura

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