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Free Printable Blog Planner


This past weekend a bunch of area bloggers got together for the first Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up of the year. The theme for the January meet-up was “Give your blog a buzz in 2013.” The whole idea was to re-energize our blogs with new ideas, goals, and a PLAN! I created a printable blog planner to help the bloggers in attendance find a way to organize their own blogs. Not each of these sheets will be useful to everyone. And, some of the items on the sheets may not be used by every blogger. But, you might just find something you like on the printables!

The free printables in the blog planning package include:

  • Monthly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Each sheet has an open month calendar so that you can put the month and dates in. Each day on the calendar has popular social networking symbols with check boxes so that you can check off when you’ve promoted a post.
  • Weekly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Some people prefer to plan out their blog posts in more detail and on a weekly basis. The weekly calendar also has social networking symbols. It also has an area for weekly blog maintenance and SEO planning prompts.
  • Events and Holidays— A list of events and holidays. This is not a comprehensive list by any means… it also has all of the dates for the upcoming Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Ups.
  • Blog Post Brainstorming Worksheet— A blog post planning sheet
  • Blog Collaboration Worksheet— A place to track collaborative projects and responsibilities.
  • Blog Resolutions Tracker— A place to write and track blog goals and resolutions
  • Finance Tracker— A place to record income and expenses
  • Affiliate Programs— A place to track affiliate programs
  • Sponsors— A place to track sponsors, payment, and responsibilities.
  • Stats & Analytics— A place to record your stats and analytics monthly

EDIT: All original files were stored over at a PDF hosting site. We’ve moved them over to A Well Crafted Party (the creator of the printables) for easier download! Enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “Printable Blog Planner

  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I actually had the event on my calendar for 1 — um not quite sure what I was thinking. I’m really hoping to make the next one 🙂

    • Yay! Thank you. I’m taking everyone’s advice and selling them for an affordable price after Feb. 15. If you haven’t got your download yet… DO! 🙂

  2. This is wonderful. I wish I lived in Portland so I could be part of this group. Thank you for sharing; I’m going to get started on my blog plan right now!

      • Jenni, I’ve been saving them individually, but I’d LOVE to buy them as an organized set if that’s an option. Do you guys have anything like that?

      • Brittany— GREAT idea… I am working on an update for this set that will include some fixes to the layout (some things I’ve noticed while in use at home) and adding a few new pages. I will make sure I have them as an organized set as well!

    • Hopefully these sheets help! I’ve also heard some of the bloggers talk about planning their posts on Google Calendar… I use a combination of paper and However, I am very behind myself at the moment!

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    • It should be a free download through scribd. A lot of people have already downloaded for free. I’ll double check to see if anything has changed.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Apparently they have a 7-day Free Trial that can be done in order to download for free. 🙂 Mission accomplished. Thanks for replying!

    • I don’t understand what is going on with Scribd… I’ve never had to pay for membership. I do have to login via Facebook… but, haven’t had to ever pay. I’m trying to figure out a better method of providing these for free to everyone. However, in the meantime… I’ll email them to you! Sorry for all the trouble!

  6. I tried to download & print these but Scribd does make you sign-up and pay for a premium reader subscription. it’s $9 just for a one day pass. It says contributors can get free access

    • That would be why I’ve never had a problem– I’m a contributor! Thanks for finding out for me. I’ll make sure to find an alternate place to store those ASAP.

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  9. Hey – I second the notion of making them available somewhere else – I’d love to download these but if I’m gonna pay I would much rather have money go to the creator than a hosting company that changed their terms…

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