Meet-Up News: July Family Picnic


The summer is upon us and we are all SO busy with one thing or another. Which is why we try to keep the summer months laid back on the meet-up schedule. But, we can’t go THREE WHOLE MONTHS without seeing you! So, we scheduled in a family picnic for Sunday, July 28!

This is a FREE EVENT! But, we do need to know how many people are going… so, please fill out the EventBrite ticket to let us know that you will be there. Please, bloggers and family ONLY. (Family includes significant others.)

Everyone bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a few hours of socializing together. We will not be providing any food/drinks at this event so that we can keep the event free. However, if you bring items to share we will have table space to put shared items (a great way to advertise your blog!)

We will be having an Instagram contest for the “Best Family  Photo” taken during the event. The photo with the most “LIKES” on Monday will receive a free family photo session from Motormouth Studios!

More information on our Facebook page for Facebook fans!



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