About the Editors

The Portland Bloggers’ Website has been put together and updated by four area bloggers and many awesome volunteers. Each of the editors play a large role in planning the meet-ups as well. Here is a little information about the bloggers behind the Portland Blogger website, Facebook, and Facebook Post Feed.

Meet Jenni

Hi! I'm Jenni... find me on twitter: @JenniBost

Hi! I’m Jenni… find me on twitter: @JenniBost

Jenni Bost is a freelance writer, mother, and party enthusiast. She loves food, drinks, parties, and glitter!

Jenni is the owner/operator of:

A Well Crafted Party: A DIY event blog that encourages people to celebrate in style every day! She loves to write about her kid, recipes, fashion, parties, blogging, and more!

Portland Bloggers: A website/blog to help promote the blogging community in Portland, OR.

Find her on Facebook (A Well Crafted Party)Twitter (@jennibost), Instagram (@JenniBost), and Pinterest (@JenniBost).

Meet Suzannah

Hello! I'm Suzannah... follow me on Twitter @advdressmaking

Hello! I’m Suzannah… follow me on Twitter @advdressmaking

Suzannah is a blogger from the Portland area. She loves to sew, decorate her new house, and put together cute outfits on a budget. She is a DIYer by nature and loves to share her projects with you, so check her blog out for tutorials and ideas! She also has a book coming out in June 2014 from Potter Craft!

Suzannah operates Adventures in Dressmaking: a blog about sewing, DIY, decor and so much more! One of Suzannah’s favorite series on her blog includes her How to Wear DIY series where she styles different clothing items that she created.

Suzannah started working with the Portland Bloggers meet-ups in May of 2012 and helped put together this website!

Find Suzannah on Facebook (Adventures in Dressmaking), Twitter (@advdressmaking) , Instagram (@adventuresindressmaking), and Pinterest (@advdressmaking).

Meet Macey

Hi! I'm Macey... find me on Twitter @motormouthmacey

Hi! I’m Macey… find me on Twitter @motormouthmacey

Macey is 30 going on 16.  She has a hidden talent in talking to the same person on Facebook, Twitter, text and in person all at the same time.  It’s a good thing caffeine isn’t illegal because she’d abuse it profusely.

Macey owns a photography and design studio based in Portland and blogs about all things creative at Motormouth Studios. Macey has done many of the photos of the recent Portland Blogger events… including the lovely head shots on this page!

Find Macey on Facebook (MotormouthStuidos), Twitter (@motormouthmacey), Instagram (@motormouthmacey), and Pinterest (motormouthmacey).

Meet Bee

Hello! I’m Bee…. find me on Twitter @TheSpicyBee

Bee is a food crazy, health conscious, adventurous girl from Chicago. She now resides in Portland, OR. Bee writes about her life, food she makes, and food she eats over at her blog, The Spicy Bee. Bee likes it spicy, but blogs about foods that rank from zero pepper in her spicy rating system all the way to five peppers.

Bee works full-time in the Portland area and runs her blog. She started volunteering at the Portland Bloggers’ meet-ups starting in January 2013 and has become an essential part of the group, helping to gather sponsors for food at the events.

Find Bee on Facebook (TheSpicyBee) , Twitter (@thespicybee), Instagram (@thespicybee), and Pinterest (thespicybee) and Google+.

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