Please feel free to conact Jenni, Suzannah, Macey, or Bee with any or all of your questions, concerns, hopes and dreams. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Email Jenni with sponsorship or guest posting requests: 

Email: jenni {at}

Twitter: @Jenni Bost

Blog: and

Email Suzannah with meet-up venue/sponsorship requests:

Email: suzannahstanley{at}gmail{dot}com

Twitter: @advdressmaking


Email Macey with meet-up volunteer requests (also, any photographers who wish to photograph a future event): 

Email: motormouthmacey{at}gmail{dot}com

Twitter: @motormouthmacey

Blog: Motormouth Studio Blog

Email Bee with Food Sponsorship opportunities:

Email: beevoltage{at}gmail{dot}com

Twitter: @thespicybee

Blog: The Spicy Bee


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