Q: Do I have to live in Portland to attend events?

A: No, we’d love for any and all bloggers to join us at these events. Portland-area bloggers will be the faces we see most often though, because, most events will be located in Portland, Oregon.

Q: Do I have to be a blogger?

A: Yes, sort of… We really want the events to help benefit bloggers by providing connections, information, and resources, so, we typically limit the events to bloggers. New bloggers, bloggers on hiatus, and Twitter bloggers* are welcome at all the events. (Although, we have at least one event per year that is open to Portland-area blog readers as well!)

* Twitter “bloggers” are Twitter users that use Twitter as a form of blogging with the purpose of creating a following and sharing something specific with their followers.

Q: Do I  have to be a home dec, fashion, or crafty blogger?

A: No! We welcome and encourage all types of bloggers. Portland is diverse in its many interests and we hope that the Portland Bloggers represent the many different aspects of Portland-area  culture.

Q: Can I bring a friend who’s not a blogger, but is a blog enthusiast?

A: Yes! While we do limit the events to bloggers we don’t want to ever discourage someone from joining our ranks. If someone is interested in blogging and learning more about the blogging trade they are more than welcome to attend a meet-up.

Q: How do I contribute a post to the blog?

A: The Portland Bloggers website is a site written for and by Portland area bloggers….which means we’d love for you to guest post! If you have an idea for a post or would like to write for any of our pages, please fill out the form below.

Q: I want to host or sponsor an event. What do I do?

A: Portland Blogger events are scheduled for every two months and we are always looking for great venues and people to help with the events. If you are interested in helping with the event please fill out the form below and mark the appropriate box. Or, if you would rather e-mail, please contact jenni {at} awellcraftedparty {dot} com. Thank you!

Q: I have an idea for a future event or want to be a guest speaker. What do I do?

A: We are always looking for ways to make each meet-up an opportunity for fun and growth for all of the bloggers in attendance. If you have an idea for a future meet-up, know someone who would make a great speaker, or want to speak yourself please fill out the form below and mark the appropriate box. Thank you!

Q: I have a shop and would like to donate to future events for swag bags or door prizes. What do I do?

A: We always look forward to introducing great companies to the bloggers at the meet-ups. Potential sponsors are invited to fill out the form below. We will contact you with our sponsorship information package and get the ball rolling on introducing you to Portland area bloggers!

Have more questions or would like to get us some information? Please fill out the form below:

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