Add My Blog!

Are you a Portland-area blogger? We’d love for you to add your blog to our Master List of Portland-area blogs. Just fill out the short form below and we’ll add your blog (or contact you*) within the week.

Some FAQ’s about the master list:

Q: I haven’t blogged in a long time. Can I add my blog to the list?

A: We hope to keep the Master List full of current blogs. If you have a blog that has had fairly regular content then we’d love for you to be on the list. A short hiatus is more than acceptable and will not get your blog removed from the list. We hope that this site and our meet-ups encourage you to enjoy blogging and update more often. Blogs updated within the last 3 months are eligible to be put on the list.

Q: I’m a new blogger! Can I add my blog to the list?

A: Welcome! We are so glad that you are joining the ranks of bloggers. All new bloggers are invited to join us at any of the Portland Blogger events. And, bloggers with 3 weeks of regular content (how ever many posts you choose to have) are invited to add their names to the list.

Q: Do I have to put down where I live?

A: We ask that bloggers put where they live in the form because we want all the Portland-area bloggers on the list to be within a reasonable distance from Portland, Oregon.  You have the option to not allow us to publish the location. What is a reasonable distance? You be the judge… if you drive to Portland often then you are probably within a reasonable distance!

Q: I live more than a reasonable distance of Portland, Oregon. Can I still be on the list?

A: For now we are keeping the list to the greater Portland area. But, we welcome any and all bloggers who are in the Portland area at the time of one of our meet-ups to attend. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are a blogger then check out the PNW Blogger blog.

*Blogs that contain inappropriate content such as pornography, excessive foul language, or inappropriate content will not be added to the Portland Blogger’s Master List with the discretion of the Portland Bloggers website owners.

9 thoughts on “Add My Blog!

    • Yeah! So glad you’re adding your name to the list! Be sure to follow along with the RSS feed or the Facebook feed to see updates about future events!

    • As long as you regularly update it then it counts! 🙂 please just fill out the Master Blogger List form with the info and we’ll get it on the list! Cheers!

  1. So glad to find your site. We here at Advanced Training and Safety are very excited that we will be able to share useful tips to all of our Portland/Vancouver neighbors regarding workplace, home, and school First Aid and Safety.

  2. I would love to add mine, but Im a medical student and need complete anonymity! Is there a way I can email it out to people who want to subscribe via email?

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