Great resources for bloggers from around the web

(Page is updated by Jenni & Suzannah as they find new/interesting resources for bloggers. If you find something and want to share, please fill out the form below.)

Blogging in General:

Page Design:

  • Pugly Pixel — Great tutorials and tips for bloggers on blog and post layout and design. I especially enjoy the inexpensive and free downloads. Really amazing photo-layout items.

Sponsorship and Monetizing:

Social Media:

  • — Statistics about [your] Instagram account, as well as viewer


  • A Beautiful Mess—Photography tips and inspiration (they are also working on a photography book that is coming soon!)
  • Under the Sycamore— Ashley Ann Photography’s blog provides a ton of great information for people looking for photography tips. And, she also offers an on-line class call “SnapShop”
  •— Great classes as well as tutorials for photography, editing, design, and more!
  • BellaPop — Fresh, Fun and Modern photography tips and classes
  • Everything Bloom — In-depth workshops from teachers with a variety of styles

Fashion Blogging:

More to come soon!,,,, and


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